KitchenAid Garbage DisposalRating: ★★★★☆

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When you cook for your family, there is always food waste to contend with. And if you don’t have a powerful, reliable garbage disposal, it’s easy to end up with clogged plumbing in the kitchen. Plus, a great garbage disposal, like the KitchenAid Garbage Disposal, makes it more convenient to clean up after meals. The KitchenAid Garbage Disposal is actually one of the most advanced residential garbage disposal, and is designed to chew through food waste like few other disposers are capable of doing.

Quiet Operation

If you’ve ever turned on the garbage disposal and felt like you damaged your hearing in the process, you’re not alone. Most garbage disposers are so loud, that it’s a real nuisance to use them on a regular basis. The KitchenAid Disposal, on the other hand, is built to run much quieter than the standard models currently available. The KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal is 40% quieter than other disposers, so you can use it when cleaning up without making a ton of noise. And you don’t even sacrifice any shredding power to get this quiet operation.

KitchenAid Garbage Disposal Features:

  • Uses MultiGrind technology that grinds your food waste in two stages for more versatile performance
  • About 40% quieter than conventional garbage disposals
  • Grind and drain chambers are rust-proof for longer product life
  • Shredder ring and grinding wheel are both constructed from stainless steel
  • Continuous feed allows you to keep adding food waste while the disposer is in use

If you live in a home that still has the original garbage disposer installed, you’ll be amazed at what a difference you’ll see in performance when you install the KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal. This model is head and shoulders above the average garbage disposal and grinds more types of food waste than virtually any other model currently available to residential customers.

Customer Scores

We took a peak at the customer reviews for the KitchenAid Disposals while doing our research for this garbage disposal review. The average score for this model is 4.5 out of 5 stars. One reviewer commented about how impressed she was that this disposal operates with almost no vibration at all, and other users couldn’t stop saying good things about the KitchenAid Disposal as well.

The KitchenAid Garbage Disposal is even easy to install if you’re not necessarily handy. Simply follow the directions and take your time, and you’ll have this model installed in your kitchen in no time.

If you’re ready to step up to serious performance and quiet operation from a garbage disposer, you owe it to yourself to check out the KitchenAid Garbage Disposal. This is the garbage disposal that raises the bar for the competitors, so you’re sure to enjoy having it installed in your kitchen.

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